Soal Bidang Bahasa Inggris

101.    Here are the twenty one words that Sir William Osier read in the spring of 1871 -twenty-one words from Thomas Carlyle that helped him lead a life free from worry : "Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand." The word,"dimly" has a similar mean­ing to ...
a.     brightly
b.     smartly
c.     faintly
d.     easily
e.     happily
102.    Bali Bird Park is fortunate to have been involved in captive breeding program of endangered species such as the Bali Starling found nowhere else on earth. Based on sentences above people can catch the Bali starling is a/an
a.     island
b.     flower
c.     statue
d.     place
e.     animal
103.    Gideon Webb is a man with the man of a child. Rised in rural South Carolina, his aunt could no longer keep him when she re-merries. Gideon is placed in the closest institution that can look after him a retirement home for the elderly.
Which statement is correct based on text?
a.     Gideon is a child
b.     Gideon re-merries
c.     Gideon lived with his aunt
d.     Gideon stayed in a retirement home
e.     Gideon has a wife
104.    Blue Bird started out with just 25 taxis, yet we have grown to include more than 8,000 employees responding to 5,000 orders daily 24-hours-a day, and serving two million passengers a month with 4,000 air conditioned vehicles.
How many passengers go with Blue Bird in a years?
a.     20,000
b.     17,000
c.     2,000,000
d.     24,000,000
e.     25
105.    The island that make up Japan stretch out for a distance of nearly 4,000 km. The point farthest north is at 450 north latitude and the southernmost point is at north latitude 200
The word "nearly" has similar meaning to ...
a.     more than
b.     above
c.     least than
d.     over
e.     almost
106.    The school year in Japan from April to March. Summer vacation last about six weeks. In addition to national holidays, school children also have two weeks off at New Year and two weeks break in the spring, between the old and new school year. How many weeks do students have holidays in a school year in Japan?
a.     six
b.     two
c.     eight
d.     ten
e.     twelve
107.    Tom    : Hi, Bob, are you OK?
Bob     :  Not bad. But i'm thinking of my father who is seriously ill now.
Tom    :......
a.     i'm sorry to hear that                                       d. well done
b.     i'm sad to hear that                                         e. good day
c.     congratulation
108.    Amir : Have you heard that our badminton team won the competition? Hasan : Not yet ...
a.     of course
b.     sure
c.     congratulations
d.     terrible
e.     what a pity
109.    If the insist upon being stubborn, we will have to settle this on court. "Stubborn" means..... a.               generous
b.     indignant
c.     abject
d.     gauche
e.     obstinate
110.    Professor Baker is a co-worker of ProfessorAyers.
"Co-worker" means ...
a.     constituent
b.     confident
c.     contender
d.     colleague
e.     conqueror
111.    As soon as the board of elections "officially declares" the list of candidates, we will give you a complete report. The words in quotation mean ...
a.     refuses
b.     deviates
c.     promulgates
d.     instigates
e.     contemplate
112.    "Make great efforts" for excellence. The words in quotation mean ...
a.     force
b.     strive
c.     enjoy
d.     envy
e.     challenge
113.    The examination will begin "exactly" at eight-thirty. The word quoted means...
a. briefly
b. excedingly
c. consequently
d. lately
e. precisely
114.    City taxes are based on an estimate of the value of one's property. "Estimate" means....
a.     appraisal
b.     forecast
c.     diagnosis
d.     outline
e.     decrease
115.    The constitution guarantees that private homes will not be searched without a written "authorization". The word in quotation mean ...
a.     receipt
b.     warrant
c.     prescription
d.     accomplice
e.     description
116.    The man has been here ….. 1990.
a.     after
b.     in
c.     for
d.     on
e.     since
117.    Professor Black had us ....... compositions every Friday.
a.     to write
b.     written
c.     write
d.     wrote
e.     writing

118.    If it .... rain tomorrow, we'll have to have a picnic.
a.     wouldn't
b.     doesn't
c.     didn't
d.     won't
e.     isn't
119.    You ... your visa extended before it expires.
a.     had better to get
b.     had to get better
c.     had better get
d.     had better got
e.     have got better
120.    I have no idea ....
a.     what does this word mean
b.     what this word means
c.     what the meaning of this word
d.     what kind of a meaning is this word
e.     what word does mean

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